sigma S6 WaMoS® II

Wave and Surface Current Monitoring

In a changing environment, sound decisions at sea require timely, accurate data. sigma S6 WaMoS®II is a pervasive, low maintenance sensor easily deployed to provide a real time understanding of your marine environment. 

sigma S6 WaMoS®II supports an understanding of the marine environment that cannot be generated by a single point reference.
sigma S6 WaMoS®II generates graphical representations of the wave fields and surface currents that characterize your environment, supporting operational decisions and maximizing utilization of operational windows.  

Greater Context, Better Decisions

sigma S6 WaMoS®II is an industry-proven X-band radar-based wave and surface current monitoring system developed by OceanWaveS GmbH. In comparison to conventional wave rider buoys and current profiling devices that generate single point measurements, sigma S6 WaMoS®II offers the advantages of presenting this information for a broad area, and in a richer context.

In shipborne applications sigma S6 WaMoS®II’s measurements are constantly refreshed while a vessel is underway, providing real time data relevant to the local operational area as compared to conditions reported at the closest available point of reference. High definition images of wave fields combined with numerical data and intuitive graphical reporting keep the operator well informed in assessing environmental risk and identifying safe operating windows.

As compared to moored sensors, sigma S6 WaMoS®II provides higher fidelity information with comparable accuracy, at lower lifecycle costs.

Internationally Accepted

In industry-sponsored trials, data comparisons between sigma S6 WaMoS®II and wave rider buoys have independently verified its accuracy as well as the additional value provided in monitoring a full 360° range.

sigma S6 WaMoS®II is presently supporting operational decision making applications including offshore construction and operations, MET services, diver support, helideck operations, and navigation in extreme current and sea states.

Long term deployments on several unmanned, remote coastal locations monitoring wave action and correlated coastal erosion attest to its reliability.

OceanWaveS and sigma S6 WaMoS®II have a large and diverse reference list. Installations can be found throughout the world, including Norway, Denmark, Germany, Thailand, China, Canada and the USA.

Product Features



    sigma S6 WaMoS®II measures and displays essential wave field parameters including significant wave height (Hs), Peak wave period (Tp), Peak wave length (λp), Peak wave direction (θp), as well as surface current speed (U) and surface current direction (θU) for wind sea and swell.



    The operating range of sigma S6 WaMoS®II extends to 4.0 km depending on X-Band radar type and installation geometry. The average range for vessel-based installations is approximately 3.0 km. Requiring a minimum wind speed of 3 m/s and a minimum wave height of about 0.5 m – 0.75 m, the system easily detects wave lengths from 15 m – 600 m and covers periods from 3 sec - 18 sec.



    Sea state alarms can be set to trigger for three different conditions: When significant wave height exceeds a specified value. If peak wave lengths fall outside a specified range. If the encounter angle between the wave system and the ship’s course moves outside a specified range.



    sigma S6 CONNECT

    Web-enabled interface allows external systems, such as Google Earth Pro and GIS platforms, to integrate with sigma S6 WaMoS®II System to display radar imaging and wave, surface current, and HRC information.


    Advanced recording capability enables operators to review and confirm conditions in the event of an incident or regulatory enquiry. sigma S6 WaMoS®II can be exported for integration in other meteorological and environmental systems. It can also provide NMEA output to conning and decision support systems.



    This optional functionality displays high resolution current (HRC) for deep and shallow waters. Bathymetric measurements are available for water depths to 30 metres. Surface current and bathymetry maps are generated in a grid structure by the HRC software.


One platform, many solutions

Rutter’s sigma S6 technologies connect to most commercially available marine radars, enabling our customers to extract additional value and effectiveness from their existing navigation radar assets. The option of a dedicated high performance radar solution as an input sensor can also be provided to suit your specific requirements. As with all of Rutter’s sigma S6 product lines, Ice Navigator™ can be combined with any other Rutter system: Oil Spill Detection, Small Target Surveillance, SeaFusion Data Integration, and the sigma S6 WaMoS®II Wave and Surface Current Monitoring System offered by OceanWaveS GmbH.

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Practical and Versatile Solutions

sigma S6 WaMoS®II connects to most commercially available marine radars, enabling customers to extract additional value and effectiveness from their existing navigation radar assets.

Rutter can also provide a dedicated high performance radar solution as an input sensor if required. sigma S6 WaMoS®II can also be combined with other sigma S6 products such as Oil Spill Detection, SeaFusion Data Integration, Ice Navigator™, and Small Target Surveillance System.

OceanWaveS GmbH is an authorized representative of Rutter Inc. 

OceanWaveS sigma S6 WaMoS® II
Wave and Current 


High Resolution Current (HRC)
Wave and Current Analysis and Wave Spectra (WaMoS)
Screen Recording - Screen Shots (.jpg & .png) and Movie Files (.avi)
Multiple Remote Clients
Average Surface Current
Shallow Water Bathymetry
Sea State Alarms (3)
Fixed Sites
Moving Vessels
sigma S6 Connect

Note: All models accept standard serial/network inputs from navigational instruments (NMEA 0183) including: AIS, wind anemometer, echo sounder, speed log, GPS, and gyro compass.

sigma S6 WAMOS®II WAVE Radar Image

sigma S6 WaMoS® II radar image containing an ambiguous stripe-like wave pattern. Arrows indicates a single wave system detection coming from the North-Northwest.

Three month time series data comparing wave height measurements obtained by sigma S6 WaMoS® II and a wave rider buoy.

1D Frequency spectrum graph showing  two clear energy peaks from two wave systems. 

​A corresponding 2D frequency-direction spectrum indicating two wave systems, one coming from the North-North-West and one from the West. 

sigma S6 ​​WaMoS® II High Resolution Current Display

Mean radar backscatter image overlaid by the surface currents.

Corresponding bathymetry image using the optional High Resolution Currents (HRC) module.

sigma S6 WaMoS® II Data Comparison

Time series graph for significant wave height, current speed and current direction obtained by sigma S6 WaMoS® II (red) and ADCP (blue).