sigma S6

Sigma S6 system uses multi-layered processing to enhance a radar's ability to detect and simultaneously track multiple oil spills, small targets, icebergs and small ice formations.  The addition of WaMoS® II provides real-time wave and current analysis.  The sigma S6 system can be configured to operate with a pre-existing X-band radar or supplied as a full turn-key radar system.

The components of the system include

sigma S6 Server PC

sigma S6 RSi-5000 PCI card and Interface Module

sigma S6 SeaView Graphical User Interface application

sigma S6 Server application

sigma S6 SeaTrack application

sigma 100S6 X-band radar (Additional, Vertically Polarized antenna available)

WaMoS® II Sea-State Analysis application (Additional)

WaMoS® II High Resolution Current ‘HRC’ applion (Additional)


The sigma S6 system may be passively interfaced to any supported standard commercial marine navigation radar in a slaved, non-controlling configuration. In the slaved configuration, the connection of the sigma S6 system does not impact the operation of the of the navigation radar.

The sigma S6 system may be interfaced to the sigma 100S6 X-band radar in a master, controlling configuration. In the master configuration, the sigma S6 system can assume operation of the radar.

The physical interface between the sigma S6 system and the radar is via the RSi-5000 Interface Module which provides

Connection points for termination of the ACP, ARP, Trigger and Video radar signals.

Jumpers to select the correct polarity of the terminated radar signals.

RS-422 input and output ports for Rutter Radar-100S6 control.

The RSi-5000 Interface Module is connected to the RSi-5000 PCI card using a mini-BNC cable and a custom cable (both supplied). The RSi-5000 PCI card is always installed in the sigma S6 Server PC, and performs the capture and digitization of the of the raw analog radar data.

The sigma S6 Server PC runs the sigma S6 Server application which communicates directly with the installed sigma S6 RSi-5000 PCI card. The sigma S6 Server application retrieves the digitized radar data directly from the sigma S6 RSi-5000 PCI card, processes the retrieved data, then forwards the processed data to the SeaView application. SeaView displays the processed digital radar data and is the main operator interface.

The sigma S6 Server PC also runs the SeaTrack application, which communicates directly with the sigma S6 Server application.

SeaView is typically installed on the sigma S6 Server PC but it may also be installed on one or more remote client PCs connected to the sigma S6 Server PC by a LAN or over the internet. This allows for multiple networked client PCs to simultaneously display radar data from a common radar.

Multiple networked sigma S6 Server PCs connected to different radars via installed RSi-5000 PCI cards and RSi-5000 Interface Modules can also be commissioned. In this configuration, each sigma S6 Server PC can distribute radar data to any remote client PC on the same network.